Industry bodies

Industry bodies

Industry bodies and member organisations

Providing value in member based organization’s is becoming ever so difficult.

The needs of businesses are changing, from accounting practices, to HR, legal requirements through to compliance, regulation through to marketing.

Every member in an industry body is looking for support with these functions, seeing the Industry Body as the “go to” for support, help, guidance and advice.

Marketing, digital and social requirements are no different for these businesses, and, whilst many businesses attempt to market themselves online. Doing it well and in a way that drives returns is often not easy.

Imagine being the industry body that was able to provide members with access to a website that takes them under 10 minutes to setup, which meets all the criteria or a modern, mobile responsive, secure website.

Further, the value provided by the platforms enables your member organization the opportunity to monetize the offer, incorporating the platform into slightly increased member fees, you take the heartache out of helping your members succeed online.

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Industry bodies