Franchise groups

Franchise groups

Franchise groups

Franchises have been valued for years by businesses owner’s, who are purchasing a model for success.

However, as barriers to business entry are reducing significantly, and the ability for individuals to start competing franchisees or business that compete with the franchise models, relevance has never been so important.

Whilst the majority of franchise groups host a valuable website, which incorporates “landing pages” for the locations of their franchisees, sadly, this just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Franchisees require the ability to market themselves on a local level. They need access to a fully fledged website, which enables them a level of control over their content, their information, their imagery and their operations.

For franchisors however, the need for a level of control and administration is important. Ensuring franchisees are maintaining brand integrity, are compliant with franchise regulations, and publishing appropriate content can often be difficult to administer. Not with Directree though.

Directree can be configured to set levels of administration for the Franchisees so that the franchisors can approve what is published prior to it going live.

Franchisors have the ability to publish content across all of their franchisees websites at the click of a button. No more needing to duplicate multiple pages, or create duplicate content which is often frowned upon by google.

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Franchise groups