Finance aggregators

Finance aggregators

Finance aggregators (who have a network of brokers)

When you manage a brand, where you have a vested interest in a series of independent business owners, providing them with a platform for success is key.

Businesses we have seen in this industry tend to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on attempting to build individual wordpress websites for their brokers. This requires independent involvement in the building of individual sites, management of themes, plugins, the content management system and much more.

Finance aggregators have a responsibility to drive the traffic, attention, and ultimately the leads for Finance Brokers to follow up and convert. So, why not take the headache out of a cumbersome website development, management and marketing platform attached?Directree can integrate where it needs in order to ensure the systems and technology used by finance businesses are maintained. And, with $0 system configuration up front, and sites from $30+GST per site per month (or less)* why else would you use a laborious, traditional, and high maintenance web product?

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Finance aggregators