How it works

Directree is a dedicated digital marketing platform for enterprises to empower their small business customers to succeed online through:

  • A powerful network of websites, dedicated to each small business and built to your specifications
  • An ‘aggregator’ website to bring your network of websites together in one place
  • Search engine optimization add-on
  • Search and display advertising add-on
  • Content generation and custom design packages

It’s not small businesses fault.

Why? They’re busy being mechanics, plumbers, builders, hairdressers, accountants, cafés, franchisees, NOT web developers or digital marketers.

Help small businesses do better business within their communities, those small businesses reciprocate the love with their loyalty. And, the best bit; You own the unique digital marketing channel to market, you stay in control while owning this channel in your respective market.

Directree is perfect for:

  • Enterprises and large brands that have a vested interest in the success of their B2B customers
  • Franchise groups
  • Professional associations
  • Network marketers

The process

  1. We work with you to create a customized website-builder (using the Directree platform) for your small business customers to get a professional, best-practice online presence
  2. We create an overarching ‘aggregator’ website / search engine that brings all of these websites together in one place
  3. We help you promote the aggregator site to drive traffic and, in return, leads, to your small business customers
  4. We offer additional marketing packages for your small business customers to boost their websites performance through organic & paid search, remarketing, and display advertising.

They grow, you grow.