How We Helped Australia's #1 Car Parts Supplier

Here’s how we helped the #1 supplier of automotive parts to mechanic workshops grow their sales volumes and build B2B loyalty.

Customer research showed that mechanic workshops struggled to form connections with their local community and wanted to learn to run smarter businesses. In most cases, the businesses didn’t even have a website.

The opportunity was clear: provide value to workshops by helping them solve these problems, and, in turn, build a B2B relationship based on loyalty. The goal: Increase Revenue, Relevance, and Relationships.

The Directree platform was rolled out to over 1,000 workshops, and helped workshops establish a brand new website that took no longer than 10 minutes each to setup.

Our online marketing tools then enabled businesses to connect with their local market through social media outreach, an online booking system and promotion of seasonal specials.

The results greatly exceeded their forecasts and projections.

They exceeded their break-even expenditure on the program by a factor of 10 within 6 months, and noted numerous cases of customer loyalty returning, further bolstering their market share.

What’s more, is that they now own a unique marketing and sales channel direct to their customers.

Branch out with Directree and build your own powerful bond with your customers to drive sales, loyalty and brand love that greatly exceeds traditional approaches.

What’s your next move to provide ultimate value to your customers?

How We Helped Australia's #1 Car Parts Supplier