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What is Directree?

Empowering small businesses to succeed online.

Business is hard enough. More than half of Australian small businesses struggle with marketing themselves online. Whether they are a franchisee or independent business, they are often left to feel unsupported, isolated, and unaware of how to do better business.

You have a vested interest in the success of the customers who buy from you or do business with you. Secure that vested interest with Directree.

Directree helps you—help them—to grow their business, resulting in increased loyalty, greater purchasing behaviour and longer lasting relationships.

Owning a Directree platform in your industry creates an indispensable connection between you and your customers, provides you with vital data, and brings a new facet of relevance to your organisation.

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How it works

A customized platform built for simplicity and success.

We work with you to create website-builder specific to your industry. Your customers can then set up a best-practice online presence in under 10 minutes.

Customized Website Builder icon
Customized Website Builder
The problem with websites is that users get overwhelmed with the range of options and technical requirements provided to them. Our platform is designed for simplicity in order to get businesses online, quickly. No developers, no coding, no hosting setup... Just industry best practice in under 10 minutes.
Aggregator Website icon
Aggregator Website
You receive a powerful, self-branded aggregator website that assembles your ecosystem of customer sites, and makes them work together to dominate search engine results.
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Lead Generation icon
Lead Generation
Website traffic, strong calls to action, online enquiry or booking forms. These building blocks come standard in every Directree build to ensure the sites don't just look pretty, but also deliver tangible business benefits like leads.
Marketing Packages icon
Marketing Packages
Additional marketing opportunities exist for eager business owners who want to promote their site further. We work with you to create marketing packages that amplify the visibility of individual sites on the aggregator site, in search and on social media.
Feature: Ask us about how Directree helped Muval—a backload marketplace for removal companies—boost their member loyalty and rapidly grow their online presence.

Up to 50% of businesses in key industries
under perform online in their local area.

We have worked in marketing, digital & social agencies for years, building websites and running digital campaigns for small businesses through to multi-national corporations. Throughout this time, we consistently noticed that over 50% of businesses in some industries didn’t have a functioning website and struggled when it came to marketing themselves to customers nearby.

Of the half who have some sort of presence online, most were outdated and stagnant. This was just the start.

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Australia’s largest construction materials and building products supplier.

We helped Australia’s largest construction materials and building products supplier provide a professional online presence to their roofing contractors.

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Our features

A unique marketing suite

Websites are a no brainer. The ability to set one up in under 10 minutes, launched, live, and connected to an entire marketing suite—that’s a game changer. Ease the burden of your small business customers and reap the benefits of owning a unique digital marketing channel.

choose a template in the Directree website builder

Website Builder

Our website builder is built for simplicity. Rather than overwhelm users with complex options and millions of design variations to choose from, we streamline and structure the web development process.

Firstly, we work with you to identify what an best-practice website looks like in your industry. We then engineer the website builder to provide these options in the simplest form possible. The process to build a website typically involves:

  • Choosing from three ready-built templates
  • Adding "about us" content
  • Uploading a logo
  • Selecting "services" from a list of checkboxes
  • Adding contact information
  • Clicking "launch"

More often than not, users have a new website online in less than 10 minutes.

an aggregator website for all of your sub sites


Now that you have a network of websites on your platform, bring them together in one place. The aggregator site and associated search engine you will receive leverages your sub-sites content to create dynamic content pages that fulfil search intent and rank well on search engines.

The aggregator site provides a 'hub' for your platform, consolidating the strength of your network a creating a single website that is designed to dominate search results.

From there, website visitors can funnel through to the website builder sub-sites and make enquiries to businesses at a local level.

This consolidated approach to ranking well on Google and other search engines is a proven way to succeed with SEO.

the boral content portal gives customers the ability to select tiles from a central catalogue

Centralised Content

Content is king, and most businesses struggle to produce and publish the content required in order to keep their websites and digital platforms consistently up to date.

Those days are gone.

Directree provides you full control, as the platform owner to create and disseminate the content you produce across all sites, at the touch of a button. Easily store and manage content available for all the business on your Directree platform, allowing them to chose content they wish to use, and edit it at a local level to make it more relevant before publishing.

Video, blogs, still images, products, offers and banners are all just a click away. Simply upload your assets and your network will have immediate access to the tools and resources they need to do better business.

integrated Google analytics at an aggregator and sub-site level

Analytics & Audience Data

With the implementation of best practice Analytics, Directree leverages the Google Anlaytics API to enable measurement and analyses at both an aggregator site level and an individual user site level.

Have complete access to the performance of every website on your Directree platform. Use the data to monitor platform growth and make educated decisions on platform performance.

Directree also utilises the best practice GTM container, making the insertion of tracking pixels (such as facebook or adword pixels) easy to install and manage for every user at a local level.

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